Has the Covid-19 pandemic been announced in a South-Korean series in 2018?


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Has the Covid-19 pandemic been announced in a South-Korean series in 2018?

From _1984 _by George Orwell to _The Simpson_, many people thought fiction as a premonition of reality. At the heart of this, a Korean series, broadcast in 2018 is evoking the coronavirus. That famous episode has exposed conspiracy circles and drove a reflection on the mechanisms of conspiracy theories.


Some videos on social media show that Covid-19 was announced by the My Secret Terrius series. We analyse all the announced hypotheses to show that it is only a series and that the production could not have foreseen everything. To do this, we use the insights of psychological research and medicine.

Our article take the format of a text interview with the researcher in psycho + a video analyzing arguments with the vision of medicine.

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This video shows that a South-Korean series produced by Netflix predicted the current epidemic as early as 2018. The process is simple to reproduce at home and the video has not changed the content of the series presented: it is authentic.

However, in order to put an end to the conspiracy theories, we first set out all the arguments in the episode. Here are some of them:

"It's a mutant coronavirus" / "During the 2015 Sea Epidemic, the mortality rate was over 20%" / "Has been altered to increase the mortality rate to 90%" / "Incubation period from two to 14 days" / "Has been altered to attack the lungs 5 min after exposure" / "No cure or vaccine yet" / "A man-made virus" / "A biochemical terrorist attack"

We will see that there are some similaritie but also a certain amount of fiction. For this, we will use the point of view of a scientist.

We will also look at psychological researches to see how this mirror between series and reality is often used in conspiracy theories.

Tracks and conclusions

The video is authentic: the scene goes well at the 53' mn of My Secret Terrius.

My Secret Terrius: according to Netflix, the series was released in September 2018. Romantic TV Thriller series "A secret service agent who has isolated himself from the world after a professional fiasco tries to solve the mystery behind his neighbor's death."

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