Are Covid-19 victims buried in trenches in New York?

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Are victims of Covid-19 buried in trenches in New York City?

In a [tweet ][1]posted on April 10th, CBS News showed a one-minute-footage of workers burying wooden coffins in large trenches. At first sight, the sequence might be shocking and leads to think that victims of Covid-19 are mass buried in New York. Although the footage is true, the reality is a bit more complex than a simple mass grave. [1]:


A video posted by CBS News on Twitter on April 10, 2020 shows people burying coffins on Hart Island in New York City. They're wearing protective suits.

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26 Apr 2020

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27 Apr 2020


First intrigued by these images of what looks like inmates burying summary coffins in a common trench, we discover that Hart Island is used as a public cimetery since the 19th century for unclaimed bodies and free public burials. A non-profit organisation called Hart island Project, run by Melinda Hunt, has been documenting lives of those who were buried on the Island and unclaimed by their families.    We are trying to contact the promoter of the Project to try to understand its nature, how it works and what the eruption of the Co-vid crisis changes in the management of the project or its orientation.    Contacted by email and twitter, it does not follow up on our first contacts (since April 17).    We are trying the intermediation by a JS contact based on the east coast of the United States who could call HI to give credibility to our approach.    April 21: Contact with a correspondent journalist in the United States, Nastasia Peteuil, to help us get in touch with Melinda Hunt, promoter of the Hart Island project.    April 25: Interview with Melinda Hunt postponed. Mail contact with the landscaping company that has been doing funerals on Hart Island since April: Pizzrusso Bros Landscaping and Gardening.

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