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Find here all the subjects in progress or already carried out by our teams. By clicking on a fact sheet, you will be able to access the information compiled by journalists, experts and citizens around this subject. You also have the possibility to participate in our surveys by using the form at the bottom of the page if you have information that you think is useful or if you want to add your testimony!

Current topics have a higher status than those "to be verified". They have already gone into production. At this stage, we have most of the necessary information in our hands and can begin the writing and audio or video editing phase.

Here the focus is on the topics that journalists are beginning to look at. They are still at the stage of gathering testimony and verifying information. You can check their progress at any time by clicking on the corresponding sheet.

These are surveys for which the collective lacks reliable information, answers, testimony or evidence. The investigation, which is blocked, has difficulty in making progress and cannot reach conclusions.

The fake-news went to the scalpel for verification and was disproved. The information presented at the outset was indeed false and the journalists explained why in their investigation.

For such misinformation, the statements made are unfounded, are based on flawed evidence or demonstrate erroneous reasoning.

The information has been verified by our journalists : it is accurate, authentic and real information.

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Dernière mise à jour le 27 Apr 2020 09:30:52

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Dernière mise à jour le 26 Apr 2020 20:31:58

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